Land Vision Portfolio

Planned Communities

Planned Communities typically are larger developments designed with an overall theme including a variety of residential uses and often mixed-use land uses and active or passive recreation areas. Planned communities are often implemented as PUD zonings in which the specific community design and community amenity features are specific to the site.

Traditional Neighborhood Designs

Traditional Neighborhood Designs are development projects which utilize new urbanist design principals including a mix of land uses and residential housing types, neighborhood plans with a center focus, streetscapes which are walkable and create a sense of place through urban design standards and architectural character. Some traditional neighborhood projects include transit potential also know as Transit Oriented Design.

Town Centers

Town Center projects include designs for mixed-uses areas that could be a stand alone design adjacent to existing development or a town center design within the context of a larger planned community or traditional neighborhood. The mixed use town center designs typically include retail, office and residential uses designed as a cohesive district. Town Center designs emphasize pedestrian scale streetscapes and are appropriate for transit stop locations.

Commercial / Industrial

Commercial and industrial plans focus on the “working” centers of our communities. These plans are typically prepared for the redevelopment of brownfield sites, dated properties and facilities, infill of transitioning districts, as well as sites where the development will serve as the basis of economic opportunity within the community.


Infill development occurs in established built environments where a redevelopment opportunity arises and may include a change in land uses. Infill designs often occur in a location near or in existing downtowns, or in a residential neighborhood with blighted or obsolescent residential or non-residential structures.

Corridor Plans

Corridor Plans are designs and standards for the redevelopment of existing built environments along a roadway or highway corridor. The plan is a linear design following the transportation corridor that illustrates planning and development principles for infill development and redevelopment, often including design standards for improvements to the existing streetscape.

Central Business Districts

Central Business District plans focus on the commercial and government center of the community. Most often these plans are completed for established communities looking to study the central business district for improvements to land-uses, transportation, parking and streetscape enhancements.