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Elgin National Street Train StationLand Vision Preparing a Master Plan for a Transit Village in Elgin

Land Vision, Inc. has been selected by the City of Elgin to prepare a financially viable Master Plan for a transit village located around the National Street METRA station.

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Addison AdvantageLand Vision Leading Transit Improvement Planning for the Village of Addison

Land Vision was selected to lead a public participation driven planning process identifying and assessing possible sites for transit-oriented improvements to accomodate a diversity of multi-modal transportation alternatives for the Village of Addison.



Town Hall/Library: Matthews, North CarolinaLand Vision Planning a Unified Development Ordinance in Matthews, North Carolina

Land Vision was recently selected to prepare a new Unified Development Ordinance for the Town of Matthews, North Carolina. The Town desires to modernize its land use and development regulations and make its land development regulations accurately reflect community desires and preferences. As part of the assignment Land Vision will be streamlining the development and application review process and developing land development regulations that will apply to four new light-rail transit stops to be constructed in the community with the expansion of the Charlotte light rail commuter rail system.



Conservation Planning for Serosun Farms

Serosun Farms Illustrative Plan

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Serosun Farms is a mixed use/multi use land management project that includes active agricultural land, equestrian operations, residential home sites and open space. The elements are combined in an effective mix such that uses are compatible and complimentary to each other. It allows the site to be developed in a low density manner yet retain the rural features of the area, preserve portions of the agricultural use, restore elements of the natural component of the land and create an interesting and cohesive community. It allows the site to reflect the past, present and future of northern Kane County and can provide a path to conserving the rural nature of the area. It also has the potential to create a buffer between local municipalities in the advent of increased suburban development.

Serosun Farms consists of approximately 404 acres, of which 122 acres will be developed to include 117 well and septic home sites. The remaining 282 acres will be set aside for active farmland and various forms of open space. The farm and open space will include a state of the art equestrian facility; two preserved/restored farmsteads to support farming as well as related commercial activities; farm fields and pastures; woodlands, prairie, wetlands, and approximately 8 miles of multi-use trails. Approximately 60% of the total site will be preserved as farmland and open space. An additional 16% of the total site will be preserved through the residential deed restricted open space areas. This preserves a total of approximately 76% of the site as open space and farmland. A significant portion of this area will be dedicated into a farm preserve to ensure it remains farmland and open space.

The residential lots are approximately one acre in size and are to be serviced by well and septic. Approximately one third to one half of the lot is set aside as a deed restricted area that will be maintained as a natural open space with prairie and other appropriate plantings providing a natural buffer between the residences and other uses and expanding the open space available on the site. The home sites are clustered along county profile roads and private shared drives and oriented so that the majority of lots back onto open space.

A core concept in developing this project is a focus on sustainability. The uses are integrated together and the land is utilized in a manner that supports and sustains the environment and the community. Each use will be implemented in ways that respect the land and the shared uses. A sustainability program will be developed to help manage and encourage this effort. The estate will encourage sustainable agricultural practices, green building techniques, water management, sustainable solid wastes management, recycling, use of alternate energy sources, restoration and enhancement of wildlife habitat and sustainable living practices.