Firm Profile

Founded in 1991 by Managing Partner, Charles M. Hanlon, Land Vision, Inc., is a multi-disciplinary professional services firm with three offices in Chicago, IL, St. Charles, IL, and Springfield, MO.

The Firm provides land planning, town planning, design guidelines, entitlements, zoning, streetscape design, visioning programs and other planning services for clients desiring to create or maintain a sense of place in their community or development.

The firm's practice is devoted to the advocacy of new urbanism principles and preparing and implementing traditional neighborhood development (TND) plans. We believe these principles are essential in creating development that is low-impact on the natural environment and high-value for the man-made environment.

Land Vision approaches the planning process as a collaborative effort between all stakeholders. We believe involving people is the key to better results from the planning process and encourages hands-on involvement by the stakeholders in its projects and assignments.

The firm employs various techniques to generate excitement during the planning process to educate participants on planning issues, and to facilitate widespread community participation.

These techniques lead to an enhanced sense of investment in the resulting product, significantly increasing the probability of community support and successful implementation. These techniques also help participants to understand the ramifications of the choices they make about the future of their community.

Land Vision Hallmarks

  • commitment to traditional neighborhood development principles
  • providing intense personal attention to clients
  • cultivating meaningful public participation
  • integrating state of the art technology with the planning process
  • solving problems creatively and with a practical approach
  • formulating feasible implementation strategies
  • delivering quality services and products